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My Moment With Mary Ellen Mark

April 2, 2012

One day  while at my friend, Steve Simon‘s office, I expressed an interest to him about interning for Mary Ellen Mark. It was said casually; the  idea of working for her seemed lofty because of who she is and who I was. Steve picked up the phone and the next thing I heard, was him asking ‘411’ for her number. My eyes bulged , my throat got tight and I vaguely recall waving my arms around and mouthing silently that he was nuts. He handed me the phone and within a few minutes I had an interview set up to meet with the Studio Manager. I ended up interning for Mary Ellen for a handful of months and had it not been for a friendly little nudge, I might never have learned what I did, saw what I saw and had the unique opportunity to see how much compassion Mary Ellen has for her subjects. It was an experience I look back on fondly and won’t soon forget. Below is a short video, one that is completely unrelated to my internship, but also which got me to thinking about it nonetheless. Enjoy.

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  1. Oren Ziv permalink
    April 2, 2012 13:38

    Really inspiring and thought provoking, Jen.

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