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You for SCUBA? Yes. Definitely.

April 14, 2011

First in-pool SCUBA lesson

Learning to SCUBA dive has been a lifelong dream and very recently, this dream has started to become a reality.

I remember first learning about Jacques Cousteau in books that I read over the summer at my grandparents’ house and then snorkeling for the first time in Kauai with my dad and sister a handful of years ago. Our first time out, I asked my dad, “What’s the bag of frozen peas for?”. “Go underwater and I’ll show you.”, he said. He then bust open the bag of peas and a million fish came out of nowhere, rushing us; it was exhilarating. I screamed, my sister screamed and I could hear my dad laughing above the surface; it was amazing. It didn’t take long before we were kayaking out, tying off to the buoy and skin diving with the sea turtles. I couldn’t tell you what day it was or how long we were out, but it was a moment I will never forget. It was peaceful and calm, quiet and wonderful.

Ever since then, I’ve longed to get back in the water and as of last week, I’m finally taking my chance.

I am in the process of working towards NAUI’s Basic Open-Water Diver Certification at Florida Dive Pros and if all goes well, by next Sunday, I’ll be suited up, certified and ready to go!

I had my first in-pool class last night where I breathed under water for the very first time. I tried to refrain from preconceived notions, but it definitely took more effort than I thought. We went through a swim test, another test to see how long we could comfortably hold our breath, then learned about gear assembly/disassembly, working our bc’s and regulators, clearing our masks and how to obtain neutral buoyancy. Then it was playtime in the deep end. It was there where I learned that my middle name is not “Grace”, that it is definitely more suitable as my nickname and that slow and steady is the way to be. Pool space was limited with several students flapping around, but freedom (or at least more of) is ours this coming Sunday when we’ll attempt our first open-dive.

Until then, I will keep my head in the books, try not to act like an impatient child and remember to always be breathing :@->–<

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  1. kurt permalink
    April 14, 2011 12:53

    :@ is now the official scuba smiley.

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