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Lighting The Way

October 29, 2010

The original Pensacola Lighthouse was built  in 1825, but the current tower was lit on January 1, 1859. At 150 feet tall atop a 40ft bluff located on the Pensacola Naval Air Station, this lighthouse offers sweeping views of the Bay, a great vantage point for watching the Blue Angels practice and attracts people from all over the world….including those hunting for ghosts.

The lighthouse has been deemed as, “One of America’s Most Haunted Lighthouses” and was even featured on the ScyFy Channel’s hit show, ‘Ghost Hunters‘. There are regular scenic tours available, but the “Light Of The Moon” tour gives those hoping for a paranormal experience the perfect opportunity to encounter things that go bump in the night and would definitely add some spookiness to the upcoming Halloween holiday.

The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum are being preserved solely through the efforts of the Pensacola Lighthouse Association and as such, depend on help through donations and membership to keep up the conservation. This lighthouse is a treasured landmark, looked after by its keepers, respected by many and has served as a beacon to those out at sea by lighting their way home.

To view more photos click, here.

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