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H -to the- O -to the- T

February 21, 2010

I walk so much that my local cobbler and I are on a first name basis and I’m probably putting his kids through college, I take the stairs v. an escalator or lift, Pilates (yeah i just made it into a verb) it in my room daily (sorry neighbors) and in a city like New York…. rushing to-and-fro, comes as natural as breathing. However….I needed something more, I needed to sweat like I was dying, cleanse what needed to be cleansed, unblock whatever is was that was blocking my chi, energy, chakra, what have you.
So…when I saw a flyer for “Hot Yoga” classes as $5 bucks a pop…I thought…this is for me….today…will be the day. I’d heard good and bad things about Bikram from friends and had always wanted to try, but just never got around to it. So…I rushed home…grabbed my mat, towel, water and scampered off ready to sweat. Glutton for punishment perhaps.
“Hot Yoga”, as it was explained to me by my amiable instructor is like Bikram in the sense that the room is made to be hot, though just not as much and unlike Bikram, which is a set of 26 different poses held for a particular amount of time, “Hot Yoga” is continuous free flowing movement.
This particular class was put on by Yoga to the People at a facility in Midtown Manhattan. Simple, clean and to the point, this place is not about flash though you will gleam like the top of the Chrysler on a sunny day from the amount you’ll sweat. The environment was comfortable and though there is a huge mirrored wall (dance studio), people are not checking themselves out or judging others. It is not a place to be ‘seen’ which makes a nice change.
By the end of the 60 minute session, your mat will double as a Slip N’ Slide and while the free flowing movements I mentioned earlier aren’t too strenuous and you’ll leave feeling ‘renewed’, you will experience the burn during class and for a couple of days after. This I am told…is a good thing;)
Hot Yoga has a new follower and I encourage anyone looking for a good mat workout and who doesn’t mind a little a little sweat and maybe some tears to check it out.

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  1. February 23, 2010 16:47

    Hey Groove Guy. Lunch soon;)

  2. February 22, 2010 17:54

    You are just too too much dearie. Love hearing from but love seeing you much more!Groove Guy

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