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Of The Essence

January 6, 2010
 The wonderful thing about moments….are that they are all our own; no lines are drawn.
 A decade ago, New Years Eve in Times Square was only something that I would have watched on television; never did I think I’d be standing there. Five years ago, far better off in a multitude of ways, it still was not in the realm of possibilities.
For some….this event, time and place may be ‘old hat’ and they avoid it like the plaque and though I might feel the same after a handful of years….this time I saw an opportunity to do something that I may never do again. Something that most of my family will never experience firsthand; it was important I go.
That night I went out solo, made new friends, joined strangers in the rain, photographed to my heart’s content and about a minute before the new year…I held my camera up above my head and the sea of a million, put my finger on the shutter,  raised my eyes to the New Years Ball at 1 Times Square and lived the moment.  At the stroke of midnight, tears rolled down my face like water down a mountain. Amazed at myself and more so when the last decade of my life flashed before me in what could have only been a matter of seconds, it was then when I realized how fortunate I really am.
That being said though…..opportunities should be seized. We have to meet life halfway and take a chance on the outcome. People will ebb and flow from our lives, leaving us with memories and arming us with wisdom that takes moves us forward. It’s guaranteed that we’ll be burned along the way, but there will be times when we are pleasantly surprised when things turn out better than we could have ever dreamt.
Here’s to a new year, a new decade and a life of full of moments.
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