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Seeing The Light

June 23, 2009

Yesterday marked the end of my classes at the International Center of Photography or more commonly referred to as ‘ICP’.
People’s first questions are generally, “How were the classes?” and “Did you learn anything?”. Great and yes, but definitely not what I thought I would.
Expectations are innate. We hope and dream and make assumptions on how situations will unfold, whether we’ll like something or not, how we’ll use them to advance into our futures, but the truth is….we never really know and as far as I’m concerned…I’d like to keep it that way; it makes the ride getting there that much better.
So…what did I learn… I learned that being ‘invisible’ is sometimes more of a state of mind than a physicality and that learning to ‘see’ light can set your imagination free. I learned that the ‘technical’ side of photography isn’t all that scary when you understand that the numbers come second and that it is possible to photograph perfect strangers on a corner in Times Square and not get socked in the mouth.
I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything and would do it again in a New York minute.

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