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The New York Minute

June 8, 2009

I know, I know…the last post was ages AGES ago, but thank you to those of you who are hungry for more and have continuously asked for more bloggage. It keeps me on my toes and my fingers to the keys.

I had a meeting with someone the other day and they said how “New York” I’d become. I thought ut oh…. that could mean a few things, but they laughed and said how time flies so quickly here, that we fall out of touch with people (unintentionally and without malice of course;) and barely have time to realize it.
With that being said…let me brief you in that head spinning New York Minute style.
School has been great and is nearly finished. I am in the middle of preparing work for my final classes and will miss it dearly when I’m through. “School” is a whole different ball game when you actually WANT to be there.
Speaking of ball games…I attended my first ever Yankees game yesterday. Now before you go slingin the term ‘traitor’ around….Swisher WAS with the A’s…what can i say… the Yankees take all of the good players and make them their own? However, I’m not prepared to meet up with any Mets and/or BoSox fans in a dark alley anytime soon. Be gentle. It was only one game.
Also…about a week after my classes started, I began an internship with a photographer whom I have a great deal of respect for. Mary Ellen Mark is a greatly established photographer known for her documentary, portraiture, and commercial work. From what I can tell, she has a fighting spirit and settles for nothing less than excellence from herself and those around her. More people should have such standards.
While on this coast, it was a goal to take advantage of what is ‘local’ to me. So…I took a bus to D.C. over the extended Memorial Day weekend and had an amazing time. Museums…check! White House…check! Photographing the Rolling Thunder parade from the back of a Harley….check! For those of you who said you’d kill me if I ever got on the back of the bike…. too late. I had a great time and survived. Bonus:)
Me with my driver and friend “Mark”.
Well in order to keep these blogs more frequent, I’m going to finish this one up and save something for the next…which I promise will be soon:)
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  1. June 12, 2009 09:31

    Mark Lipe! When did you get out of prison?

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