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I know it seems like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, but…..

April 23, 2009
really, I’ve not. I’ve just  been consumed by the Big Apple.

I landed here a little over a month ago, on St. Patrick’s Day in fact (i figured a little luck wouldn’t hurt) and as warm a welcome as it always is…the Empire State Building was decked out in a celebratory color for the day. The perfect green…always a stunning sight, no matter the hue.

So much has happened in a month’s time anto keep this from being an extremely long first post, I will attempt brevity with highlights.

I expected a bit of panic, the ‘what have I done’ moment and….I got it. Through details that some of you may already know and others may not… I spent the first few days searching for alternative places to live. I thought I couldn’t handle the neighborhood that I was in; I was wrong. After several failed attempts at a new situation, I took it has a sign that I was meant to stay and am glad I did. Being uncomfortable taught me something: adaptability and a strengthened sense of self. For that I am grateful for my little ‘moment’. Although there are many nooks and crannies of this city in which to live and work, my first & current locale will always hold a special place.

Amidst my initial mental blur, I was introduced to some extremely nice people…. people that I look forward to getting to know better, ones that have already made New York feel more like home than just another city.

I’ve visited art galleries galore, had fleeting moments in Chinatown and Little Italy, visited the 18 miles of books at the Strand Bookstore , got caught up in the mass chaos that is Times Square with D (yay for juan valdez;) , had a fabulous breakfast at Le Graine in Chelsea with S ( this place crowds my dreams as i sleep:).

Taking a quick breath…. okay, I covered and got covered by flying feathers at the annual NYC Pillow Fight and dodged characters at the unfortunately and surprisingly not-so-abandoned Coney Island.
I have also visited the World Trade Center site which was eery, fascinating, and deeply moving all at once. I’ve no doubt I’ll go back again and again to witness what is being called by some as ‘the rebirth’.

I have traipsed through Central Park all but one time yet imagine that when the sun is out a bit more and the clouds take on that cartoonish nature, I won’t be able to keep away.
Speaking of the weather… I have been spoiled by exhilarating thunder and lightning storms, sporadic snowfall, buckets of rain and the occasional sunny day. This kind of weather keeps things interesting and I’ve caught grief from those who disagree and think that 70 and sunny is the ideal. No thanks, I love my storms as some of you well know.

D and I paid a visit to the Empire State Building at night which was breathtaking and strangely quiet from that high up off the sleepless city streets, and somewhere in all of this, I made time to join a casting agency where I found work as an extra in a movie with a celeb I cannot or should not disclose. For those of you I leaked to… sshhhhhh:) It’ll be out next year and I’ll no doubt be posting about it and encouraging all of you to get to your local theater. You may just see my hand or the back of my head at least. lol Although I will say this…the scene is on a boat overlooking Manhattan at sunset and I was ferried past Lady Liberty several times…bonus since I’d not seen her before.

School has started and I love it. There is more of a sense of appreciation when you actually want to be there and it helps that it’s in a field which I have cherry picked. I’ve already learned valuable lessons and tips and my sense of adventure and self-exploration is constantly fueled. I have also started an internship with a photographer who’s work I grow to respect more and more with each glance. Anyone who’s solitary photo can instantly flood my eyes with tears while standing in the middle of a public place, will definitely be the keeper of my fascination and attention. I am grateful for such an opportunity and look forward to learning.

Beyond that, there have been a billion little intricacies since arriving in NYC that have filled my head and heart, but that I may never be able to put into words. Those I will keep to myself, locked away in the memory bank…. for now anyway.

I hope you stay with me through this crazy ride and enjoy more to come from
Notes From The Core.

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  1. April 25, 2009 11:37

    Very cool… looking forward to reading more stories…

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